Do more of what you love while I work on the time-consuming marketing, administrative, procedural, managerial and event-related business activities.

As I mentioned on my about page, I enjoy long-term and ongoing relationships with my clients, especially if I want to really get to the meat and potatoes of our work together.

I can work solely with a few clients at a time via monthly retainers ranging from 20-30 hours a month.

Here are some ways I virtually support my clients, (if you’re interested in something you don’t see listed here, bring it to my attention and we’ll talk about it).

Business Systematization

  • Discover and explore areas in business that could be better optimized
  • Determine best tools for the every-day “how-to” of YOUR business (What works for someone else may not work for you.)
  • Setting up cloud based solutions to structure, organize, store, and update business systems
  • Working together to document out work processes and procedures to create an evolving operations manual (think training videos, screenshots, and accompanying written instructions)
  • Scheduling time for analysis and ongoing management of documented systems and processes

Ongoing Marketing Communications

  • Consistently follow up with prospects, customers and/or clients
  • Calendar management (content planning, 3rd party integrations etc.)
  • Managing and scheduling appointments with clients and referral partners
  • Email management and email marketing coordination (Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Get response, Aweber, etc.)
  • Set up common answers on cloud-based customer support platform
  • Update and repurpose blog/website content for social media
  • Coordinate communications between you and other team members/vendors (act as a middle-woman/buffer)

Project Research, Implementation, and Management

  • Set up research tools such as surveys, analytics, etc.
  • Develop a project implementation plan
  • Research, organize and manage project logistics
  • Create landing page and set up email auto-responder sequences
  • Repurpose your thought leadership content for social media sharing
  • Research and assist with recruitment of brand ambassadors, sponsors, and team for projects
  • Updating social media accounts for project promotion
  • Assistance with finding ad specialists and promotional team


Now that you know what I can do, feel free to learn more about me and when you’re ready to discuss possibilities let’s set up some time to get acquainted.

Feel free to email me at or you can use my online scheduler to set up a chat where I welcome your questions and get better acquainted with your vision.