10 Useful Tools for Managing Workflow Processes

Not the best method for keeping track of everything

I’m sure you’re already aware that business development requires tracking what’s working and what’s not, otherwise we fall into status quo.

Too often we wear many hats, often trying on different roles (sometimes roles we  aren’t meant to play as they take us away from our core gifts) in order to make the business “work”. We fly by the seat of our yoga pants, throw spaghetti on the wall and hope it sticks, and sometimes simply pray for miracles.  As a result, we struggle to keep track of all the inner workings of our business.

But without the tracking how are we able to improve and win at business? We become entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to have healthy, sustainable, profitable businesses. We want success! And so really understanding “the how” of business is important. But taking it a step further and getting “the how” organized in a central location is even better. When you document “the how” you make room to systematize, automate, and become more productive, efficient and FREE!

But let’s back up for a minute! We gotta start somewhere…

Here is a quick checklist of resources to help you transition away from methods of managing your workflow that may not be too efficient for this rapidly changing digital age, and some bonus suggestions for documenting how you like things to get done so you can delegate with confidence. 

1) Project, Task and Workflow Management



Evernote (yes evernote because capturing inspiration on the go is a huge time saver when gathering information you will eventually document for workflow processes)

Kissflow (I looked at several reviews comparing similar tools and this had more features I could vibe with)


2) Screen Capture and Recording for Virtual Training Purposes




3) Password Sharing and Management



4)Team Management (this includes tasks and internal communications)





5)Online Invoicing, Budget and Time tracking





6) Online Scheduling and Calendar Management

Google Calendar 


Acuity scheduling


7) CRM, Sales Leads and Email Marketing Management


Get Response 


Capsule CRM

(yes Infusionsoft does great things all in one place, but sometimes using the best of a few things and having them communicate with one another yields great results and more sanity)


8) Social Media Management


Meet Edgar




9) Online File Sharing and Storage

Google Drive


Amazon S3


10) Helping various tools communicate with one another to automate workflows



*Bonus Hot Tool to consider investing in*

Sweet Process So you can “Document How Things Get Done.”


What are some of your favorite tools?  Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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