How much has not taking control of your work and life cost you?

If you’re considering delegating those to-do’s, then I’m going to go out on a limb and say your answer is more than enough for you to want to make some serious shifts and changes.

If those shifts center around gaining more Freedom, Independence, Peace of Mind, Balance, and Impact then you’re in the right place and at the right time.

As both a wellness advocate and “get ‘er done” implementer, my mission is to empower the person who empowers the people.

I know from experience that if:

  • Time thieves are stealing your precious productivity,
  • Shiny objects keep distracting your attention away from work that matters,
  • And imposter syndrome has you second guessing every decision you make

Loving What You do becomes difficult because you’re not Doing What You Love.

I’m here to help you help yourself from holding your success hostage.

Hi! It’s me, Lynette!

I’ve helped busy women coaches, consultants, and other women-led businesses and organizations supercharge their social media presence. In that time I realized that all of the tweets and Facebook memes in the world could not save a business without documented processes and systems in place and a strategic plan for consistent action. Click here to verify at

I also saw the need for a partner who understood the basic nuts and bolts of business but who could also be a complementary sounding board for a visionary leadership mindset.

From saving you time and money, to helping you have better work/life harmony, to bringing you back down to earth when you’re on the verge of doing too many things at once because you got bit by the FOMO bug, I provide you with healthy blend of implementation solutions, ensuring that your business runs smoothly, consistently, and efficiently.

These solutions ultimately free you up to create the business and lifestyle you desire, and focus your energy on things that you and only you can do and love.

We May Just Be The Next Great Combo since Peanut Butter and Jelly

I enjoy working with women who want to heal and change the world and who understand that the right partnerships can get this accomplished.

I get excited about big visions with even bigger heart behind them. Rather than simple task handling, I’m an all-in type of woman who gets jazzed about your ‘why’, and wants to really “get you” so we can draw the blue-print, prepare the right tools, have a dynamic team in place, and build something great to expand on.

Whether you think of me as your Implementation Specialist, Business Systems Manager, Administrator, Side-kick, or a “roll up my sleeves” type of Online Business Consultant, my goal is to do what I can to help your business move forward.

In order to offer quality support and a personal touch to my services yet maintain personal workplace wellness I only partner with a few clients at a time. My fees reflect my highly individualized services, association with one of the top virtual assistant training schools on the web, 15+ years administrative experience and the 9 years of knowledge and wisdom gained from starting and managing several online business ventures.

Ultimately, I want you to feel good about our work together and I want us to feel that we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Speaking of feeling good about working together, I understand that people do business with people that they know, like, and trust.

So just in case you’re wondering if you could even like me before the know and the trust come into play…

Five Fun and Fast Facts About Lynette

1) I am an introverted Mental Health Advocate who frequently calls forth my inner superheroine in order to step out of my “quiet” comfort zone and be a voice for women with mental health concerns. I work with both my local and global community on various heart work projects throughout the year. You can read about my backstory, and advocacy efforts over on my mental wellness blog.

2) I’m a foodie and a Pescatarian (primarily plant-based with occasional fish). I love to eat and try different kinds of cuisine. I also make a lot of food references in my web content.

3) I think Personality tests are pretty cool. I’ve taken quite a few them.  I learn what I can to do a better job at putting my skills to good use for my clients and running businesses as smoothly as possible. I happen to be an INTP on the Myers Briggs test. This means that I’m super motivated to learn new ways of being more efficient and I love exploring how to translate big vision into practical solutions. As “The Wise Owl” on How to Fascinate, I engender a sense of trust with my professionalism and commitment to progress and transformation.  And as a Type 5 of the Enneagram, you can count on me to provide insightful observations when you’re needing some grounding and a partner to run ideas with. My top Spiritual Gift is Administration and my top 5 themes for Strengthsfinder are: Intellection, Input, Analytical, Harmony and Relator. My Superpowers are: collaboration, caring attitude, helpfulness, drive, and courage.

4) I’m a love researcher and love activist. Originally, I started my research on self-love, but when I kept hearing “Love is the cure” I wanted to dig deep into what that really meant. This is an ongoing life-long research “project” but some of my favorite writers on the subject are: Erich Fromm, Dr. M. Scott Peck, bell hooks, and Brene Brown, Ph.D. (to name a few). Though I enjoy studying love from a more social scientific perspective (I was a sociology major), love was always the foundation of my spiritual beliefs and practice.

5) At my core, I’m an artist. In the past, I have sung with award-winning choirs, danced in front of hundreds of people needing spiritual uplifting, recited my own poetry on stage, and strutted across runways in colorful getups. From opera to comic books, I love many different art forms, which translated into my love of culture. I myself come from a very multicultural family. I believe that art is a bridge connecting our human experiences of the world around us, and an excellent medium of expression for ways to heal it.

Now that I’ve shared a bit of myself, I’d love get to know about you and how you’d like to show up in the world through your business.

Let’s set up some time to get acquainted.

We’ll use this time simply to see if we vibe enough to want a deeper conversation.  No pressure, no awkward sales. If we do vibe, then we’ll set up another time to have a longer, deeper discussion.

Email me at:

Looking Forward to Hearing From You!